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"For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal

  thee of thy wounds, saith the Lord."

                                                               Jeremiah 30:17

These photos are a just a few of the testimonies of people being healed by the Holy Spirit. All glory to Him alone!

Genesis was born deaf and mute when we first met him 5-6 years ago. He was completely healed by the Holy Spirit in his church in Borbon, Cebu. We saw him this year (April 2012) when we ministered again in the Philippines and he lives a normal and happy life. Glory to Jesus our Lord!

A word of knowledge was given for eye problems in a church meeting in Stockton, California. About 50 doubting Thomas' were present and only Alyssa, about 6 years of age at the time with coke bottle glasses on came up for prayer. The power of the Holy Spirit touched and she laid 15 minutes shaking under the power of God on the floor. When she stood up she couldn't see with her glasses, took them off and found out she was completely healed! Her father was incarcerated then so she requested Don to come to the Daughter & Father Banquet Dinner to take the place of her daddy which was an honor. Glory to God!

Jesusa, a dear Iranian woman of God attended a prayer meeting at Husby Centrum,  Stockholm, Sweden on Jan. 2, 2013 was completely healed of hip, leg and knee pain with three (3) metal plates in her leg after several surgeries, 20 years of severe pain and years of morphine medication. She walked with a severe limp with constant pain but now walks normal. Glory to God!

After receiving dental work 12 years ago, Tobias became severely and chronically infected in the gums, tooth and jaw area and affecting his physical body due to the poison released from the infection into his system. On Jan. 2, 2013, he came to a meeting held at Bethlehem Church, Stockholm, Sweden. He was mightily touched and healed after 12 years of suffering and pain and taking strong antibiotics which started to cause side effects in his body and had to discontinue taking them. Thank you, Jesus!  You are our healer!


(A letter from a brother in Christ)​


      A report on some findings in a study that tried to prove praying for the sick did not help at any degree.  The devil is always trying to disprove God’s Word which lasts forever. 
God said,
“My Word is true and let every man be a liar.”  This report is trying to say that Jesus is still on the cross being helpless instead of “being risen in full power and splendor.”
I pray that new believers and those who have never seen the power of God heal will not lose their faith but continue to believe, press in and receive the truth. This is a bad report but now – listen to the truth and the good report. I ask you then,
“Whose report will you believe?”

      In 1984 I receive a call from a fellow believer.  He asked if I could come to the hospital to pray for his sick mother.  I did not know her condition or how long she had been in the hospital.  Later, I found out she had a severe heart condition and was hanging on by a thread to live. Thank God for saints that prayed for her. I arrived to find the son, Don, his sister and his father in the waiting room of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).  The nurse told us only three (3) of us could go in at the same time.  I remember the husband was a big framed man of German descent who came up to me and grabbed my hand with both his big hands – his face with deep wrinkles and tired eyes flooded with tears saying, “I want you to pray your best prayer. She’s all I’ve got!”  At that moment, I never felt more helpless and so out of place in my whole life.  My heart was breaking for this family but I’ve learned something through the years that you just hang on to Jesus and have childlike faith (Matthew 18:1).

      I remember we went to the ICU room to find the lady with a respirator and tube down her throat. She couldn’t speak. Her eyes were open and she was looking at us. I realized I was looking at a tired, frail lady that was too close to death. I went to one side of the bed – her daughter was at the foot of her bed and Don to the other side of the bed.  Don then said to her,
“Mom, Bro. Don is here and he’s my friend. He is here to pray for you.” 
I was about to speak with my mind racing what to say knowing that this was a very important time possibly life or death for this soul laying in front of us. But in a split second before I could even say a word the room was filled with “such glory and power like electricity.”  I felt my legs and body becoming instantly weak.  I had to grab the rail to stay on my feet. I have felt God’s power like this only once before in my life.  The first time was so great that three (3) of us felt like our flesh would explode off our bones and all the walls blow out like an explosion. 


      As I looked quickly, I saw Don and his sister also weeping as they grabbed the bedrails to keep themselves from falling down in that atmosphere of power.  I quickly glanced at their mother – her eyes were wide and had an expression on her face of a shocking experience! The tears streamed down from her eyes to her cheeks and then to her pillow.  This marvelous power had lifted us quickly as it had come down leaving us all in a daze.  I wiped the tears off my eyes and with a shaky, weak voice I said, “I believe she’s healed! He has come among us but let’s say a little prayer thanking God for doing it.”  After prayer, I said goodbye to all of them and left.

      The next day I received a call from Don.  He said they had taken his mom out of the ICU into a general ward for observation. She was there for three (3) days and miraculously released to go home.  I knew this was a tremendous miracle but I didn’t know the full extent of it until after about eighteen (18) years later – when Don sent me a letter thanking me and explained the whole story about the miracle!

      For every bad report we receive, God gives us back ten (10) good reports.

I received this letter in September, 2002. This testimony is for the Glory of God!


                                           To Him Be All Glory and All Honor!

Please read the attached letter that Don Kraft sent. It will complete the story! Alleluia!


May 16, 2011    5:22 am - via Facebook    

A letter from Sis. Pinky and Jingo Gonzales, Head Pastors of Last Days Harvest Ministries (LDHM) - Soong, Lapulapu City, Cebu, Philippines.

Hi Sister Sofie,

It's so good to finally be friends with you here in Facebook. Praise God you arrived safe and sound in SM. By now, you must have adjusted back to life there.How is Bro. Don? Pls. give our regards to him.


Yes, a lot of people were touched by the Lord during the camp and He has used you and Bro. Don so much through your ministry. It is a pleasure to cover your videos for you. I will do it anytime for free. I know the Lord will use this as a tool to touch people even by just watching it. I was able to record your prophetic song, "The devil is a liar!"  I know you will surely enjoy watching it. Even how the brethren danced to the music.

Here are some of the
testimonies of healings: 

1. Guihulngan, Negros Oriental Island - Louella Apolinario healed of back pains. She felt heat

    all over her back when she was slain. When she got up, the pain in her back was all gone.

Oslob, Cebu - Gerwen Jumuad had pain in the chest. When he was prayed over and fell

    under the anointing, the pain was completely gone.

Oslob, Cebu – Melvin Doroon - back pain and chest pain healed.

Agusan del Sur, Mindanao - Snooky Cerna got healed of her neck pain when Bro. Don called

    out all those who were experiencing neck pains. The pain is now completely gone.

Mandaue City, Cebu - Susan was healed of asthma.

Guihulngan, Negros Island - Angelo Pavadora - healed of infection of the blood. The plan of

    going to the doctor was aborted because the child did not experience the symptoms of the

   disease anymore.

Soong, Lapulapu, Cebu – Pastor Jingo (Pastor, LDHM) healed of fever during an evening

    service where Bro. Don was the speaker.

Bantayan Island, Cebu -  Janne Batiansila had a swollen foot which caused his inability to

    walk. In the camp, he regained use of his foot and he was able to walk again.

Bantayan Island, Cebu – Momoy Illustrisimo with a broken back. Pain in the back

    completely gone.

Bantayan Island, Cebu - Visitacion Ofaga could not raise her left arm due to extreme pain.

      Pain in her arm was suddenly completely gone after prayer.

11. Amulets, crucifix and other items of witchcraft and the occult surrendered.

I still have another list which I will email soon. It is in Cebuano so I will first translate Sis.
Tomorrow, we are off to Bantayan Is. for an evangelistic crusade in Hinlantagaan Is. and for Bible studies in the evening with the brethren. The series of activities will be from May 17-19. Bro. Dodong Tradio, Bro. Melvin (of Oslob) & Sis. Ian (of Agusan del Sur) will also come with us. This Friday, mga youth napod muadto sa Camotes for Evangelistic outreach. We will also be there to guide them. Then on May 27 to 29 there will be a local camp in Bantayan. Praise God for the work of Pastor JR as his people in their outreaches (dasig kaau ug kugihan sila ni JR sa pag outreach didto) as they have wonderful testimonies of victories always.
We will pray for your plans Sis. We look forward to hearing your testimonies.

God bless you Sis. Sof and Bro. Don. We thank God for you!

Love and prayers,
Sis. Pinky & Pastor Jingo Gonzales

March 16, 2012 - via Facebook 

Sister Jenjen, a worship leader who has dedicated her life as a living testimony of God's miraculous healing power. While attending a camp about a year ago (2011) in Soong, she

came forward for an altar call for healing. She had a goiter and a lump in her throat.

Bro. Don was used by God to preach a powerful message of God's love and healing and this sister, that day, got her miracle. Allelujah! — Escalante, Negros Occidental, Philippines.



Today 4:47pm 11.17.2012 via Facebook

From: Pastor Jingo Gonzales

Hi sis Sofie and Bro. Don,

Yes, sis Sof we will pray for your Europe trip in our prayer meetings and intercessories, im sure the Lord will do great things as you GO... (Kami sad diri) As over here, we've seen a lot of people getting healed during the last camp.

I was in Moalboal yesterday to visit our brethren there who were here at the camp and I'm so happy to hear their testimonies especially for Raymund who was healed of a skin disease for 23 years.

This is the impartation we have received from God through bro Don's and your ministry, how you hunger to see people to be touched and healed by God and now we are doing it also. You're a blessing to us. We hope to have you here on March 28-31 2013 in our summer camp. Thank you for being obedient to God's call in helping us build God's kingdom here. God bless you sis Sofie and bro Don as you GO to all the world to preach the Gospel.

May you see hundreds and thousands of souls come to Jesus!  Pastor Jingo Gonzales (LDHM)

Below is an email from a precious sister in the Baltic State of Lithuania whom God touched so much! Alleluia!​​ 

(Please note: Real names of people and email addresses are discarded due to privacy and confidentiality  issues).

Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2012 22:59:49 +0300
Subject: I very miss You and Don :-)

Hello Sofie & Don,
I'm so glad receipt of your letter. Every day I remember you and Don Valdo. I am grateful to God for You. From the day when for the first time in the Carolina Hotel, Don called me and I was known the living God - my life has completely changed.

The moment when I stood affected by the Holy Spirit, I realized what will be my son's name.
I believe that God has given me a son. When I returned to my home, I was looked online what the name means and I saw that the name God gave me means GIFT FROM  GOD. Glory to the Lord! From that day I never cease to talk about our God regarding our Savior Jesus Christ. I desire that all come to know Jesus Christ as I.

I smoked for a long time. Maybe about 15 years. When we driving at home from our last meeting in Marijampolė I realized that I am freed from smoking. For four months I don't smoke and my husband don't smoke too.
After I met with the Lord I wanted to know more about Him, to be with Him. I sang songs to Him, I wrote letters, read the Bible. My husband saw it.  After all the events, my husband accepted Jesus Christ into his heart. Penitential prayer he prayed. Praise the Lord. Now he tells fellow of God's miracles, walks listens to witness unto the banquet. I know the Lord bless our marriage.

In July, I took with my sister, water baptism... During the banquet, and not only testify to the works of God made in my life, about how the Lord healed me from eczema I had 6.5 years, the fact that He is alive!  I pray for the people. Huge glory of the Lord. Hallelujah!

Now I only ask that the Lord giving me the opportunity to have children. I very much want to. It is the biggest my dream. I believe that the Lord will hear my prayers.  I love our Lord. I love You, dears . I very miss You. I very wait for our meeting!! Bless You! Warm Regards for Don.  Warm greetings from my sister. She has a very jum thank you for the CD.  My sister write for You letter little bit later.  I hope You will understand my english letter ;-)))))
Always Yours,
A sister in Christ



Here are 2 new praise reports we just received by email dated 02.26.2013

Wow! GOD is really moving today!



The first email is from a sister in Christ from Vilnius, Lithuania. She goes to a church in Vilnius that is on fire for God! Praise you, Jesus!

(Please note: Real names of people and email addresses are discarded due to privacy and confidentiality  issues).

Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2013 18:51:15 

Dear Don and Sofie,
Thank you very much for great news from your ministry.It goes without saying, I will share it with many sisters and brothers.In our church (Pastor Olga's) there is one lady who witnessed having received a healing. She had had some serious problems with her heart, but God healed her through your hands.It is a wonderful piece of news-our Father is so loving.
May our Almighty God,the Prince of Peace,be with you by day and night.I will definitely include you in my personal prayers,and my home group will always pray on Saturdays.
I am amazed by your devotion and enthusiasm-this is HE,"I AM" GOD in you. May God bless you abundantly.Take care.

In Christ,
A sister in Vilnius

Here's the other email from a sister north of Sacramento, CA.  We prayed for her about 2 weeks ago over the phone as she was sick with severe bronchitis for about a month. Don received a word of knowledge from the Holy Spirit regarding pain in her eyes and that she has a void in her heart and God is using it to draw her closer to Him. It's a wanting that could only be filled by the Spirit of God. She is healed, too! Alleluia! GTG! PTL!
Date: February 26, 2013, 11:19:25 AM PST
Subject: RE: Ministry Update


Absolutely, we will pray for you!!! We have been. I hope you can set up a time to meet with our Pastor. He has been preaching the Holy Spirit! Some of the best preaching I have heard in years!!!! I would love to meet you both in person!
Please pray for me as I think that hole you saw is in my marriage. I need wisdom!
God bless you both! By the way, I am healed and my eyes are doing great!
Thank you for the WORD!!!
A sister in Christ

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