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"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you
  the desires of your heart."​       
                                                                       Psalm 37:4


March 28-31, 2013  - Last Days Harvest Ministries (LDHM) Family Annual Camp​​​​​

Bro. Dennis, a young carpenter attended the LDHM Family Camp again this year. He was bornpremature, deaf and mute. The Lord God, the Holy Spirit touched him mightily today and he testified after prayer he could hear so much better (90%) and has now started to say words. Glory to our dear Lord, Jesus Christ as He is the Healer! 
They were completely amazed and said again and again, "Everything he does is wonderful. He even makes the deaf to hear and gives speech to those who cannot speak." (Mark 7:37), NLT

​Sis. Dina suffered for many years of a cracked and herneated disc in her back but she kept working being that she is a single mom. In one of the services, the Lord touched her so powerfully she danced gracefully in the Spirit not knowing she was already being healed.  In spite of the pain, she even baked mango floats for her pastors and guests even in great  anguish believing she would be healed and does not have to go through surgery again. Today, she is totally free of pain! Alleluia Jesus!

At a young age of 9, Bro. Genesis was still deaf and mute. He was born with it. In 2006, he was called to the front to get prayer and without anyone laying hands on him, the Holy Spirit touched him and he went down under the power of Holy Spirit shown on the picture below. Today at the age of 14, he plays the drums at church and would like to be a pastor one day.

Sis. Melanie was so grateful when the Holy Spirit touched her.  

Today, she is totally set free and healed of breathing problems. Glory to God!

Bro. Germilino is praising and thanking God today after the Holy Spirit healed him from kidney problems. Today he does not have to go to the bathroom fifteen times (15x)

every night. God is great! 

Sis. Mona was completely healed by the Holy Spirit from a clicking sound and constant pain on the side of her neck .  While praising and thanking God for the healing she realized she could lift her left arm now as she also got healed from pain in that arm caused by osteoarthritis.  Alleluia, Jesus! 

Bro. Edwin, a new believer, was healed and delivered by the Holy Spirit miraculously!  Glory to God!

03.07.2013 - God even heals in Coos Bay, Oregon              

Mike, a sound man at a local church was healed of arthritis, pain on his neck, shoulder, arms and back. He previously tore up his ligaments in his shoulders & his arms and had constant pain. Today, he is set free from all the pain. Alleluia, Jesus!

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