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​2013 Prophecies & Teachings​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


​​​​​​The Road to Brokenness is a Good Thing​​​​​​​​​​​​​


The apostle Paul said, “In my weaknesses He is strong” (2 Corinthians 12:9). Was there a principle He was shown by the Holy Spirit and God’s word that was so fruitful in His life and ministry? 

Brokenness is not an outward expression of a grieving face but a face with the glory of God shining through. A completion of the mold causing an inward emptiness in our heart which is felt as a knowing, a thirst, a parching of the soul needing desperately the Living Water to wash and flood one self. Filling every empty space in our being with His hope and strength, to come and abide in us, His glory.  To consume the shell (us) when emptied then filled with His presence, not one filled with self and pride but HIM.

So true, every knee shall bow, now or later, before Almighty God.
God’s plan is to walk us down His path or road to an end (the dead end) releasing our will to brokenness. The mind knowing in weakness, life cannot be planned or mapped.  Many are blinded by self, walking at the edge of a cliff. To be guided by the Holy Spirit we walk in the light as He is the light of this world.

Have we chosen to take many costly detours in life? Doing things our way or was this the enemy’s plan with the help of our rebellion leading us to a path of destruction? Jesus will make our paths straight if we let Him.

The enemy of our soul and our flesh will cause us to think it’s too difficult to give up the things this world has to offer. We forget God made this world perfect in the beginning as He is. Then sin entered into the world and the hearts of man.  Is this world what we desire now? This is not our home. We have been commissioned to destroy the works of the enemy that tries to control this world system. The enemy offers sin, moth, rust, decay, pollution and destruction to blind us in our vanity. 

There is a better place for us – heaven for eternity.

Was Saul being knocked down off his 1) horse, 2) Jesus speaking to him, or 3) becoming blinded which caused a big change in his conversion and ministry?  Yes, to a large degree. But he knew the key through years of obedience, love and perseverance cause him this change. This treasure of brokenness - a work, a gift of the Spirit to follow his life and ministry. He did and we must also pick up our cross daily if we want to follow Jesus.

1) Now in life we, too, have been knocked off our horses like Saul - a death of a loved one, a loss of a job, a divorce, jail time, rejection and accusations;​

2) Now in life, has not Jesus also spoken to us like Saul? Examples as in nature, the miracle of a child birth, dreams and visions, His word - the Bible, healing and miracles;
3) Now in life, have we not been blinded like Saul, blinded by self, blinded in our way of thinking, blinded to the truth and blinded to helping the suffering and the hurting?

As with Saul have we overcome this three (3) hurdles? To a degree. Only if we walk the walk. These are many in the church but still not a test of brokenness. We have just arrived, by the grace of God, hanging on to little joy, little fruit, little peace -- not being a strong overcomer, with a little anointing and surely not a conqueror for the Lord to do His bidding. Many just sit back and lick the wounds of life. Many in the body of Christ like these are not becoming more than a conqueror.  So sad, they are not even able to become the head but staying the tail. 

    Only true love for Jesus can we persevere and become pleasing to our heavenly Father. Becoming dependent not on self but total dependency from God the Holy Spirit. This transformation can come as did Saul to Paul, the apostle. 
Sweet brokenness.

His kingdom will come to us for our equipping to do exploits, to destroy the forces of darkness on this earth. Not by might, not by power but by brokenness. Then the Spirit of truth and power will come anointing us for service. 
Paul ran the race and won the prize through perseverance so can we -
with God’s help.

The greatest storehouse of knowledge is from the heart of the Holy Spirit not the intellectual mind of man or the logos word but the rhema word.

Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would teach us and bear witness about himself incarnated in the flesh into the deep and the pure riches of God’s storehouse of knowledge. Jesus was and is today our true example of a man filled with such power yet brokenness was His attribute and character.

So now, allow the Master Potter to break you and I into a thousand pieces and remold us. This is the beginning of a full life in Him.

​God bless  you!
Don Waldo

Don’t tell me you’re a Christian!  

Don’t tell me you’re a Christian!

Show me!​​​​​​​​​​​​


​​​​​​​​I found out just the other day while reading about the Jewish culture during Jesus’ time a person when making a strong point or statement they would say it twice (2x) to get the people’s attention. Not understanding this, the Holy Spirit had me speak it out.  Maybe two people caught the prophetic word, many did not discern a thing of the Spirit that day. This happened a few weeks ago when we were at a meeting.​

The words were not from my mind but from my spirit – it came forth and I did not know what I was saying prophetically. This simple message given to the people in the room. 
The Holy Spirit fell upon me so strong. A few became offended that stirred their pride up. I could feel their prideful spirits rising up!  This word was from the Lord to the church as God’s knowing and as a challenge to circumcise hearts - to cause change and repentance turning back to the Lord with a whole heart. He is saying to become that vessel of honor not just wrapped in the appearance of looking like a Christian with carnality of mind and heart.

We had thirty nine (39) meetings in Europe recently. The anointing of the Lord was on us in every meeting - only by His grace.  I believe that word was an overflow from the powerful move in Europe. His desire is for His people here also in the USA to become fervent in their call. “No change, no gain.”

​​​​​  “Don’t tell me you’re a Christian. Show me,” says the Lord.​​​​​​​​​

  The church’s strength and growth only start with the individual not the whole organism. The organism as a whole can be anemic. It is not the government but the strong, free individual that makes this country free and great. So with His church! We are only strong as our weakest link. The individual believer united together for one purpose - Jesus lifted up!​​​​​  
​​​​​​​​​​​But Jesus is saying, “Strengthen all my links” (His people). ​​​​​​​

The tongue is the ambassador of your heart. If we don’t speak up how can we becom​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​e an​   ambassador​ for the Lord to express the heart of God? 


Bro. Don Waldo




​​​​Life’s metaphor for change​

​​As one old sea Captain said, “You must keep your bottom clean and freshly painted”​​

(referring to a ship).​​​​​​​​​​​ First​​​​​​​​​​​, ​​so she will survive the salt water preventing deterioration of the wooden planks. Second, so she will look her best as God also wants His glory to show through us, sons and daughters, His shining best. Third, so she won’t be fouled with barnacles causing her to drag and slow her down in the waters of life. Self-induced blockages can slow us down also. Anger, pride, un-forgiveness, pornography, backbiting and stealing from God the ten percent (10%) we should give to His work. These example can be applied to a believer.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
The great sea Captain, “Our God and Father is looking at you and I with much love”.  Just like a sea Captain has a love and respect for His ship, that’s why He calls his ship a “she”, a lady with class.
Our Lord, the Captain of our soul, is always monitoring us by the Holy Spirit speaking to our hearts. He even sees a sparrow - a small bird falling to the ground. He is wanting us to be clean, free of sin. Not just looking good on the outside (freshly painted). You see to look good on the outside but dark on the inside is like a cheap white wash paint job. In a short time, what happens? The salt water and the little critters representing the enemy of our soul will start to deteriorate our health and our wealth.  The sin or the little critters will eventually burrow into our bones with pain so in time the integrity of our lives will eventually be destroyed like a ship’s planks allowing seepage and rotting away contrary to His word of life.

Truly the sin that can beseech us allowing us to slip from God’s provision and protection into the watery grave of self. The barnacles or struggles of life can slow us down but we must not allow this encroachment and impair us. We must press into God’s promises and fight that which would try to hold back our walk on the decks of freedom.  We must not be cast by the portside like the weight of an anchor that would slow us down or stop our love and walk with our Master.
Our Lord like the sea Captain wants us to glide with ease in clear, clean, crystal waters and the wind of the Holy Spirit to fill our sails with His joy and power directed only by Him.  He will keep us on course through this life. Our cannons don’t even have to be shot at the enemy but we shoot upward with praise, worship and adoration to our Lord Jesus Christ.  We can with the help of our God, the Holy Spirit, keep the barnacles (sin) from our hulls (lives). We can sail with His glory through every storm of life.

When the continuous lapping of the waves come on our hulls (lives) the Holy Spirit is trying to get our attention and our hearts to yield. If our hearts have turned away and become stony with moss then the storms can come bringing cold rough seas and then we flounder “shipwrecked” in our rebellion.  But always there is grace through repentance releasing a light so brilliant and pure piercing the struggles of our hearts as a beacon - our light, our hope and deliverance setting us again on course.



The lighthouse above the storm of life seated on a solid rock, JESUS.
He is the strength in the storm and darkness to bring us safely into the harbor to our home port, our sanctuary, Him.

Blessings, Don Waldo 02.02.2013




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