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No Trials, Please

(Testimony and Teaching)



Oswald Chambers said, “If anybody fears God, they will not be afraid of anything else. But if anybody that does not fear God they will be fearful of everything else. I know this is true. Remember that terrible day 9/11 when the Twin Towers were hit, but many now slumber and sleep, weak sentry on the wall. It was such a shock to the whole world.


We in the USA were angry and numb. Our security and freedom have been breached. Almost every American was devastated, including myself. All of America was glued to their TV sets till late night. I woke up at 2 AM with a deep pain in my chest. Did 9/11 trigger this pain? Possibly. I knew this trial was upon me. There was no escaping.I got up and turned on the TV reliving again the tragedy. By now I was having the thing no one wants to happen, a heart attack! I took two (2) aspirins. I heard this was an important thing to do. I had no fear but a peace fell upon me and the Lord said, “Pray. Speak in tongues and intercede for the tragedy in 9/11.” I knew I was having a heart attack. But I also knew I was required to pray at this time. So for about two (2) hours I walked back and forth in my house to pray for the souls and the families of the victims and believing my situation was in God’s hands also. Then the Lord released me.


I believe that night God used many saints to cry out for this terrible situation. I got dressed and drove myself to the hospital to check in. I remember this tragedy which caused and drove many back to the church but only out of fear for maybe six (6) months or less instead of becoming the church the army of the Lord.


As my title says, “No Trials Please,” this doesn’t work!  


When the doctor came in to my hospital room, 9/12/2001, and told me, “You must have open heart surgery and you might die!” I laughed and the doctor looked so surprised. I said, “I win either way” and pointed up. I said “I know where I’m going.”


Oswald Chamber truly said it right. “Fear God and we receive His reward.” Peace, not to fear anything even physical death. Paul the apostle said it right also. “O death where is your sting?” Amen. We must be stretched to grow in the physical and spiritual. Don’t fight it! Just flow with Him, Jesus.


Life is a continuous testing full of trials. Many times we cannot prove our motives in what we think or do. They can be challenged and put down. I know, this can be a trial. Many times we are overshadowed by suffering. We try to reject these experiences like a baby trying to escape the abortion instrument wanting to survive and live. We all feel suffering is stifling and it presses our lives.I have learned a God-centered principle. I went through the open heart surgery and not looking at my suffering or condition but upon Jesus, my hope and my deliverer. I was not exempt from this trial but I was ushered through on the wings of His love. The night before the operation I did not know if the next morning I would wake up in heaven or in the intensive care recovery room. As I prayed the night before the operation a heat and a knowing surrounding me. I knew what this was, the Holy Spirit’s presence.


The Lord chose for me to go through this trial. The miracle was I was there in the hospital for three (3) days then released. The hospital staff were all shocked. This was not the normal. The nurses called me “superman.” I laughed and said, “No, Jesus is superman!” They told me my recovery was unbelievable compared to young or old men than had open heart surgery. Also I had no pain in my stapled up chest or leg where they took a vein out of to put into my heart. Again they looked at me and said, “You have to be in pain, take the pills.” I said, “But why? I have no pain at all in my body and did not take them.” And my faith again was increased.


Seven (7) days later, I had a meeting scheduled in Bakersfield, CA. This meeting was pre-scheduled for me to be the speaker. Sofie asked, “Surely you are going to cancel?” I said, “No, will you drive me and minister in song at the meeting? You see years ago I told the Lord if a door is opened by Him I would go as His servant. I have always known in spite of myself or my condition through the years, He the Holy Spirit was the power and has always been faithful in the meetings to touch lives knowing even if I had to lay on a mat He would still move and touch lives.


It’s not about a man or ministry but HIM the Holy Spirit and faith in HIM. I stood in a meeting and ministered and prayed for the sick for about two (2) hours under the anointing. His anointing also gave me the strength to stand that long. I could only stand for ten (10) minutes without the anointing. At the end of the meeting I said, “We serve an awesome God.” Look how quick He delivered me from a trial.” I opened my shirt showing the staples in my chest and told the crowd, “Seven days ago, my heart was in the hands of the doctors putting new arteries.” Most went pale and it got so quiet. I think they thought I was the walking dead. I knew their minds were racing like “How can this be?” I said, “With Him all things are possible.”


Three (3) weeks later Sofie and I bought tickets to go and minister in the Philippines in the family camp to about 500 people, two to three (2-3) meetings a day from 3-5 hours each meeting in 90-95 degree heat. The goodness of God was with me for the three (3) weeks that we were there ministering.I did not take time to get the prescriptions filled that the doctors recommended prior to our departure. I never felt better in my life with the good food and ministering to the needs of the people.


As I said we cannot prove our motives. They can be challenged and rejected by the skeptics and put down. I know our Master knew this also. Suffering lets you and I know where we are in Him, our position. We see who and what we are with much lacking in ourselves. And when looking at our weaknesses and failures in life this testing is usually God induced to draw us to the foot of the cross and shows us what it represents. Not only is His great love for us but to draw us into a closer needed loving relationship with Him.


Suffering can isolate us from our good or pretentious lives, fame, fortune, friends, people and things causing us to look into ourselves of emptiness nothing to draw from or denying the truth that’s in front of us. This is God’s plan. When we are at our weakest, pride and self, die. Then a loving magnet of the Holy Spirit, as we yield, draws us closer to Jesus. But know this He will always meet us halfway with open arms.


Only then can we love God for God alone and recognize in our weak, mentality, the suffering trials did drive us to Him. We have no other place to run to. A trial can be for a purpose or an act upon our character by satan.The testing will always show our self, what is inside, bringing out exposure of self. It will show what or who we really rely on - our faculty and ingenuity or our God for guidance for help.


Job was a man’s man, a real worshipper of God. I and you cannot say we could pass His testing. Only until we go through what He went through. Heaven forbid. God’s plan and purposes are far more important than our family, plans, likes, our lives but so sad when He calls many say, “No, Lord, I serve self,” not faith beyond Sunday morning playing church.


In my story, “No Trials Please” the Lord gave me a continuation for the calling and a new lease in life for service for a greater purpose. Truly I was ushered through this trial by the wind of the Holy Spirit.


Prayer: Dear Jesus, help us all in our weakness to grow strong for Your name’s sake to do exploits in Your name, for Your glory. Amen.


These are the dream killers:

1) Risk  2) Fear  3) Change for God’s people and pastors and, 4) The Board. 


God’s power only comes by hunger for HIM.



Don Waldo



Only in Him Ministries

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