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Don and Sofie Waldo


1 Corinthians 2:4-5

" My message and my preachings were not with

persuasive words but with a demonstration of the

Holy Spirit's power so that your faith might not

rest on man's wisdom but on God's power."

Reverend Don Waldo, Evangelist 


Personal Testimony


Don has been a  Dental Technician for thirty two (32) years and the owner of a dental laboratory for more than twenty (20) years. When he came to the Lord at age 42, his life was drastically changed and transformed forever. He's always had a childlike belief in the reality and power of God but has never been satisfied unless he could see the manifestation of the power of God move to touch hurting lives. Now, the Good Lord Jesus is using him in the healing ministry and in the gifts of the Spirit. Why? He himself wonders and has been dramatically healed by the Lord several times.  Six months after being saved he witnessed the reality of the word of God. His older sister, Shirley, had just had a massive stroke and was in the hospital in Portland, Oregon. He felt led to drive up and pray for his sister believing for a miracle. As he prayed for her, the power of God touched her and she was instantly healed! They released her from the hospital after two (2) days.  After that Don had received a real revelation fof God's healing power.  During the course of his life, Don has sought God for healing for different sicknesses in his body. God in HIS love and mercy delivered Don instantly from fourteen (14) years of smoking.  God healed Don from six (6) years of hypoglycemia.  The Lord spoke to him in a Men’s camp that he was healed! And it was so! Praise God!  Then at one point in his life, Don was struck by a stroke and lying in a hospital bed, he was visited by the Lord in the middle of the night and the Lord came up to his bed ad spoke audibly, "Lift your dead hand" and life came into his hand and arm! His face pulled back up to normal and the stroke left the right side of his body. He was instantly healed! Don was overwhelmed by the power of the Holy Spirit!

Due to the healing, Don was asked to give his testimony and tell his story in a Christian Radio Station, KCJH, in Stockton, CA. The program was called the “Miracle Hour.” Don was so nervous but went anyway.  The peace and the power of the Holy Spirit came upon him as he shared the goodness of God upon his life.  Two weeks later, the station called Don asking him to be the Guest Host every Friday on the Miracle Hour.  He accepted and was there for a year and a half. Every Friday wonderful things started to happen on an ongoing basis. Some people were healed over the phone through prayer and many were led to start coming to the station for prayer. Finally a room was provided because of the numbers of people that came in. One lady that had a stroke for ten (10) years who was in a walker came - she was instantly healed in two (2) minutes. She testified on the air crying with joy and could hardly speak to tell her story of the miracle that just occurred.  Again, praise God! Through the years, God has kept Don in good health by His mercy and grace. Don has also been healed from torn muscles after suffering for 6 weeks of severe pain.  One day, he was sitting in his living  room suffering and in a split second he was instantly healed! Then he suffered from diagnosed polyps in his colon. For six (6) months he suffered severely while seeking the Lord’s healing but finally he had to be scheduled for surgery. Prior to the surgery, he attended a Full Gospel Businessmen’s Rally and was called out by the speaker, Jim Sepulveda, a man that died on the operating table, gone to heaven and returned.  Jim was commissioned to minister in different places of the world. Jim prophesied over Don that he would go to different parts of the world to minister as well.  And it came true! The power of God touched Don standing in the middle of the room and it was said he went crashing down on to a hardwood floor but he said he felt like a leaf off a tree floating down with much peace. There the Holy Spirit touched him mightily.  He tasted honey in his mouth going down into his stomach! The polyps completely disappeared in two (2) days and five (5) days before the surgery!


Miraculously, the Lord opened doors of ministry in conferences, churches and retreats here in the United States and abroad. Don never felt led to pursue bible school because he was seeing continuously the works of the Holy Spirit touch bodies and change lives for many years. However, he was ordained unexpectedly by his former pastor  he served under in Manteca, CA. This pastor felt it was necessary for Don to be used in a greater capacity to open doors in churches and fellowships where they look at the physical credentials of a man instead of the anointing on  his life. This was another true miracle of God.  Alleluia! Don was then ordained and licensed by the Full Gospel Ministries in 1992.

While ministering in Vista, CA, many were touched and healed by the power of the Holy Spirit. One lady in particular was healed of sugar diabetes (on a dialysis machine) and from a stroke (she used to walk with a walker). The Holy Spirit touched her and she was able to get up and walk normal again! Praise God!  A week later, Don received a call from the pastor saying the woman was off the dialysis machine and was healed of sugar diabetes! In Stockton, CA,  a lady in a coma was instantly healed and she opened her eyes! In the same city, a pregnant lady had cervical cancer was told by the doctors that they would have to take the baby’s life to try to save her. During prayer, Don received a word of knowledge that the healing virtue was going through her body and it was so!  She was healed and gave birth to a healthy and normal child! Then in Mexico, Don witnessed a 23-year old woman born deaf was instantly healed with a created miracle. She heard for the first time in her life!  Alleluia! This was one for several people born deaf healed.  One day in a coffee shop, the Lord strongly spoke to Don to go to Russia. It was seven (7) years later that God opened a door to go to Russia and has been there more than six (6) times from St. Petersburg to Kiev,  Sweden and the Baltic nations seeing the power of the Holy Spirit do things in meetings that boggled Don's mind. His travel to Ukraine in June 2006, to Sweden and the Baltic States starting again in 2009 to the present has encouraged him more than ever to keep on serving our Good Lord.


But in September 11, 2001 (9/11) at 2 AM, Don experienced heart pains. He knew he was having a heart attack! He watched the reruns of the NY twin towers and prayed for the people.  At 5AM, the Holy Spirit said, “Go to the hospital.”  He drove himself to the hospital.  With complete peace, it was confirmed by tests that a three-way by pass open heart surgery was required.  Again a peace and heat came upon Don the night before the surgery. The miracle through this was they released Don in three (3) days from the hospital to go home because of a fast and miraculous recovery with no pain in his body at all. The nurses and the doctor could not understand as he had no pain. This was mind boggling to them after the surgery.  Seven (7) days after the major surgery, Don had his wife, Sofie, drive him to Bakersfield for a meeting.  The anointing came on him and he stood for two (2) hours to minister to the crowd with staples on his chest and leg when he couldn’t stand for ten (10) minutes on his own.  He was still very weak. Three (3) weeks after the open heart surgery, he went to the Philippines and ministered in four (4) islands. He stayed for a month and watched the Lord save souls, touch and heal bodies.  Just like Job, when the devil tries to sift us, God will raise us up to have victory and to continue to be used for HIS  good pleasure and purposes! In Him, there is truly LIFE!

Don has witnessed more healings with the blind to see, the deaf to hear and the demon possessed set free!  Starting in 2001 to the present, Don and Sofie has ministered the gospel in the provinces of Cebu, Leyte, Bohol, Negros, Davao and General Santos, Philippines. The Lord spoke to Don in one of their travels to Bantayan Island, Cebu that a revival is coming to this country soon! The Lord has opened many doors for them since and has been to many, countless ministries all over the Visayas and Mindanao regions of the Philippines. Since 2002, the Lord has opened up doors for Don and Sofie to minister in Coos Bay and North Bend, Oregon as well seeing people get saved, healed and delivered by the power of the Holy Spirit! Cathy, a former nurse for many years and a missions director then for a local church came to one of the meetings suffering with a bad neck problem for twenty seven (27) years from a car accident. The Lord gave Don a word of knowledge, "Someone here has been prayed for a thousand times for their neck problem. God says make it a thoussand and one.  Believe and receive it again." Cathy stood up about 30 foot away in the center aisle and started to come to the front. Don said, "No, stop. The Holy Spirit is already touching you" and down she went  on the floor. When she got up, she was completely healed from the 27 years old neck problem. Alleluia!

Every year since November 2009 Don and Sofie ministers at the Businessmen’s Fellowship Family Camp, conferences and banquet meetings in different cities of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and to the different churches in Stockholm, Sweden. Don has been the main speaker for the Family Camp/Conferences held in the month of June every year for the last three (3) years in Lithuania. Many have been saved, healed and delivered from their sicknesses! The power of the Holy Spirit has set many people free and save their souls! What mighty God we serve! To God be all the glory, honor and power!

At age 42 years old Don realized that he had wasted so many years not knowing and serving the Lord. He asked for forgiveness of his stubbornness and vowed to serve God and help people not expecting to be thrust into a ministry of the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders to follow. Don knows we must stay as little children (Matthew 18:1-2) waiting at the Master's feet like Mary in the bible. The anointing is not ours, it is God's, His presence and power to flow through us clay vessels.



​Sofie Roska Waldo, Evangelist, Worshipper & Song Writer   


Personal Testimony

Sofie came to the Lord in 1987 after a long and difficult experience of separation from her family in the Philippines. She was frustrated, lost and felt "unclean" in the life she was in, in America. She became hungry and curious of a God she had never known. She just knew in her heart she had to find this God.  She knew there was more to this life than just pleasing people, pretending to be happy and remaining discontent. She heard of John 3:3 when Jesus answered Nicodemus and said, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”  Sofie was in awe of this word and didn't know what to make of it but when she heard she knew without a doubt she needed to accept Jesus into her heart. So she quietly did. Sofie was still looking for real love, a pure and holy love was what she longed for. She believed this was the love so beautiful only the Lord could give. But she did not know of it until after she had a major car accident that same year.


Their vehicle was hit three (3) times rolling it over a four (4) lane highway by San Francisco, CA. She almost died and had a near death experience. In the experience she walked through a tunnel crying uncontrollably knowing something had to change.  At the end of the tunnel she saw a bright and brilliant light -- too brilliant to look at. Somehow she knew she was walking toward it and knew this light was of God.  With her heart beating so fast and her mind rewinding and fast forwarding at the same time, she then heard a gentle strong voice saying it wasn't time yet for her go in spite of the knowing that she wanted to stay close to this light and never go back to this life again.  The next thing happened was she woke up and noticed she was laying down in bed and a man in front of her dressed in white doing something on her face.  It was the doctor. The enemy not only tried to take her life but tried to take her left eye out! The doctor was stitching her up (eye and neck area) and pretended to say everything was fine until she found out what exactly happened. She was knocked off unconscious during the accident.


The Lord was very gracious to give her a second chance and during a home meeting she was physically healed by the power of the Holy Spirit through Don who at the time was a friend who came to the restaurant to get coffee and witnessed to her about the miracles of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. After about two (2) months off Sofie went back to work and the first person she saw in the restaurant was Don sitting sipping coffee at the counter table. She immediately went to say hi and Don was so surprised to see she had bandages on her neck and on her left eye partially. She told Don what had happened and after asking him if he would come to a meeting at home, she invited Don to come to a prayer meeting that following Wednesday.  About 20-30 people or more showed up for the meeting.  She was so excited and expectant but waited and waited for her turn to be prayed over. She was hoping Don to call her soon but he didn't. Finally, after praying for everyone Don called her and said, "Sofie, it's your turn now. God wants to bless you as you have waited patiently." She jumped up expecting in her heart to be touched by the hand God joyfully saying out loud, "I am healed!" She was suffering too much from severe migraine headaches and a bad back caused by the accident. Then as she stood up, Don said, "Sofie, lift your hands up and close your eyes. Now, look to the Healer not to your healing." That  really struck a chord in her! She started to weep instead of jumping with joy as she had imagined. Then the power of the Holy Spirit came down and touched her so strong she became so "frozen" in the Spirit for what seemed like eternity but only a few minutes. She said it felt like she was inside a white balloon full of helium, so tight and so bright! She noticed she could not move her hands and feet or even blink her eyes. She couldn't do anything but cry and thanked God for touching her.  She heard Don's voice saying, "Sofie, now check yourself out!" She looked up and opened her eyes. She didn't realize how much God had touched her. When she stood up she checked herself out -- she could hardly believe it! She was completely healed! "No pain, no pain," she thought, "At last no more pain. Oh my gosh! The Lord has healed me!" -- thinking over and over how amazing this experience was and kept thanking Him. She couldn't believe God cared so much for her, God set her free and she’s a nobody.


The Holy Spirit took away all the pain and totally set Sofie free! Free from pain and grief! A second life was handed to her - for free - a life that would be worth living again! Today, she is still healed! Alleluia!

Today, Sofie serves God with a passion. A passion to see people get changed, saved, healed and delivered, a passion that drives her to see lost souls live again and help people become alive and hopefully reach a level of knowing the real Christ. A passion that is so alive in her heart like fire that never leaves her alone.  A passion that drives her to lift up the name of Jesus Christ the name above all names, in music and in song. "To worship Him in the splendor of His holiness" (2 Chronicles 20:21), to worship Him with all that she's got because He is a mighty God and He deserves all the glory!  Sofie has learned to sing, play and compose songs only with the help of the Holy Spirit.  She is truly amazed at how the Lord has taught her in so many ways to worship Him in spirit and in truth! He has brought her to a higher level of worship where He would have her sing in tongues and prophecy.  People would get touched and healed through the power of the Holy Spirit. He is truly an awesome God and she is totally humbled to be given the opportunity to serve the King of Kings.

Sofie has led worship, ministered in music and in song in different parts of the world (Europe and the Philippine Islands)  and in North America (CA/OR).  In the 90's she was a worship leader for four (4) years in a Full Gospel Church in Manteca, CA.  To name others, she has ministered in the Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship, Businessmen's Fellowship International in San Joaquin Valley, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Chapters, Assembly of God - Daughters of Destiny, Full Gospel Churches in Lathrop and Manteca, CA, Bethany Community  Church and International Christian Fellowship Church in Stockton, CA. She also has led worship at the Oasis Fellowship, the Solid Rock Church and the Central Coast Christian Center in San Luis Obispo County and starting in 2002, in a Pentecostal Church of God and in the Holy Redeemer prayer ministry Catholic Church in Coos Bay,  Oregon.

In 1998, miraculously the Lord opened a door for Sofie to finally see her family again after thirteen (13) long years of waiting in the US. In 2000, Sofie produced her very first home-made CD with original songs of worship and has distributed it freely to many nations through friends, relatives and travels in the hopes of blessing them. Since 1996, the Lord has gifted Sofie to write, create and arrange original praise and worship music.  In July of the same year, the Lord graciously opened a door for her to minister to her own people after three (3) years of seeking and  waiting. She was sent to the different parts of the Philippines to include Cebu City, where she was born and raised. Sofie has ministered in different churches and fellowship to include Last Days Harvest Ministries with 22 satellite churches (Visayas),  Assembly of God churches (Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao), Jesus Lord of Peace Churches  (Luzon) throughout the three (3) regions of the Philippines. Sofie and Don, her husband, has ministered in the Philippines every year since 1999 to June of 2018.

In November 2009, the Lord sent them to minister to the Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and to Stockholm, Sweden. They have been invited every year since then in the month of June to minister in family conferences/camps, banquet meetings and different fellowships. Alleluia! To this day, the Good Lord Jesus and His precious Holy Spirit has continued to bless Sofia with new songs coming only from the throne of grace to bring life healing power, refreshing, love and joy to the body of Christ.  Today, she is more determined than ever to see people of different nations come together in one accord to reach a level of intimate, united and passionate worship with our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ.​ 







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