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        For over fifteen (15) years now I have always wanted to write a book about Don, his life and ministry. We've traveled so much the last twenty (20) years there was hardly any time to sit & commit to writing a book. After Don encouraged me strongly to record my songs this year (2020) I finally accomplished my first professional album of ten (10) original songs published and released as "Sofie Worship". In the process I thought it would be so cool for Don to have these video shoots instead of writing a book. I thought -- why not record it in video? So my producer and I agreed it would be so much better to do it this way so people can watch, listen & witness to what Don shares with the nations "for such a time as this". I know for a fact both our hearts desire to please and lift up the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and hopefully see many souls saved even in the dark times during this unexpected pandemic.

As you watch the videos here and in the following pages -- may the Lord open your heart, mind, ears and eyes as we present to you the wonderful works of the Holy Spirit in the ministry He has called Don (this page) and myself (next page) into as He uses us in different areas of gifting. I am personally & truly blessed by this project as I know how essential this is for the body of Christ -- "to step out in faith and do what He says to do for the glory of His name".  When Don prayed for me after a major car accident in 1987 causing major severe migraines and a very bad back  I was totally healed and made whole by the power of the Holy Spirit and have been since then. I cannot thank the Lord enough for this wonderful healing and deliverance in my life. Little did I know He would thrust me into the unknown becoming a traveling minister evangelist to many nations; to the many islands and cities of the Philippines, Sweden, Finland and in the Baltic States of Lithuania Latvia and Estonia (at times 3-4x a year) for years to come.


       The miracles, signs and wonders I have witnessed through the years have been unbelievable, incomprehensible, awesome and totally miraculous. What Don shares here is just a fraction of the countless healings, miracles deliverances signs and wonders we have both witnessed the past thirty (30) or more years. It is with great honor and much humility to be able to share these gifts to the world and hopefully it will impact many people to come to Jesus, know Him and love Him more. May you dive into the realm of what the Lord has for you and may He encourage you to seek Him more and become a true disciple of Jesus Christ allowing Him to lead and direct you, give you wisdom, discernment, strength and become the vessel He wants you to be -- full of love, hope and become a shining light to those that have no hope in this world. Enjoy the videos below and in the next few pages and be truly blessed! God mightily bless and enrich you in Jesus name!

Sincerely in love, Sofie   

Only in Him Ministries

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